Orca Card Rental

What is an ORCA Card?

ORCA stands for "One Regional Card For All" and is a Sound Transit program that provides fares for bus, train, lightrail, and ferry transportation. ASUPS covers the cost for the fares so it is FREE to you! 

Where can I get one?

ORCA cards can be checked out from the main ASUPS office in Wheelock 210, and you can fill out a form below to reserve one or check availability.  Cards are typically checked out on Friday for three days and returned on Monday. Cards are checked out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Every student may check out a card up to 5 times each semester.

What else should I know about ORCA Card rentals?

60 ORCA cards are available for checkout, with $7.00 worth of fare guaranteed on each card.

Free Rental Period: 2 business days

Late Fees: $1.00 per business day after the return date

Card Replacement Fee: $10.00

ORCA Card Request Form

Orca Cards must be returned within 2 business days after the designated check-out date