Dining Dollars Program

ASUPS recognizes that food insecurity is a reality many students face at Puget Sound. We are proud to announce the launch of the ASUPS Dining Dollars Program! Designed in 2015, this program is designed to give dining dollar donations to Puget Sound students who have run out of meal points. Up to 30 Dining Dollars may be donated each semester.

Click here to donate Dining Dollars to students in need of them. 


Donation to Peers: Sometimes students are left with too many extra dining dollars at the end of the semester, which are lost at the end of the semester. Now you can put them to good use!

How does it work? – Just click on the link that says “login here”, and login with your Puget Sound ID. You will fill out one short form. From there, your donations will be pooled into an one account and redistributed to students in need of more meal points.

If you are in need of Dining Dollars, please Please fill out this form

Questions? Contact the ASUPS Director of Student Interests.


Donation to the Tacoma Food Bank: You can also donate dining dollars to help the Tacoma Food Bank during the last two weeks of school, through tabling done by the CICE. For more information contact CICE@pugetsound.edu/