Club Name
Adelphian Concert Choir Join Club Founded in 1932, the Adelphian Concert Choir is one of the signature groups of the university and is recognized as one of the Northwest’s most acclaimed ensembles. For more than 70 years this auditioned choir has sustained a level of choral excellence that Arts Emily Laliotis open
Advocates for Detained Voices Join Club To advocate for the rights of the detainees of the Northwest Detention Center Political Rose Pytte open
Alpine Ski Club Join Club Sports Jeremy Wood open
American Marketing Association Join Club Departmental Connor Barfield open
Anime Club Join Club Arts Clay Lewis open
Asian American Pacific Islander Collective (APIC) Join Club Cultural Jae Bates open
Asian and Pacific American Student Union Join Club Cultural Paul Huffman open
Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) Join Club Departmental Woo Jung open
ASUPS Join Club Programmer Jenna Mobley open
ASUPS Sound and Light Join Club Programmer Serni Solidarios open
ASUPS Special Events Join Club Programmer Neha Ketkar open
Bare Bones Join Club Arts Erin Ganley open
Beta Coders Join Club Departmental Sofia Schwartz open
Bioethics Join Club Other Emma Goldblatt open
Black Student Union Join Club Cultural Nia Henderson open
Black Student Union (BSU) Cultural open
Campus Cursive Join Club Arts Vrindi Van Osdol open
Campus Films Join Club Programmer Chase Hutchinson open
Challah for Hunger Join Club Other Mark Gilbert open
Circle K International Arts open
Climbing Co-op Join Club Sports Lucca Monnie open
College WA Music Education Association Join Club Arts Jordan Goldstein open
Collegiate Washington Music Educators Association (CWMEA) Join Club CWMEA represents all those on campus who have an interest in music education. Occupational Zane Kistner open
Comics Club/UPS Arts open
Crosscurrents Join Club Other Talent Graham open
Cultural Consciousness Join Club Programmer Naomi Schroeter open
Curtain Call Join Club Arts Emily Walton open
Cycling Club Arts open
Damned Apocalypse Join Club Cultural Michelle Bank open
De-Masc Join Club Other Jae Bates open
Dental Club Occupational open
DownBeat Dance Join Club Arts Kat Cunningham open
ECO Join Club Political Ayden Bolin Adelaide Beeman-White Anna Fryxell open
Elements Join Club Other Tina Chapman open
Elements Scientific Magazine- CHANGE LATER Join Club Media Megan Reich open
Entreprenuer Club Occupational open
Exercise Science Club Occupational open
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Join Club Sports Alvin Johnson open
Fencing Association Join Club Sports Eliot Childress open
Figure Drawing Club Join Club Arts Elayna Caron open
Film and Media Join Club Media Solana Michael open
Fishing Club Join Club Sports Bennet Melville open
Flow Arts Join Club Arts Kyle Woo open
Forestry Club Join Club Arts Blaise Johnson-Stevens open
Future Animal Health Professionals Club Occupational open
Garden Club Join Club Arts Natalie Duncan open
Garden Level Join Club Arts Aidan Glaze open
Geology Club Join Club Departmental Jack Lindauer open
Global Brigades Public Health Join Club Cultural Emma Welty open
Habitat for Humanity- UPDATE LATER Join Club The goal of the Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter is to promote education and the need for affordable housing, and to provide building opportunities for all Puget Sound students. Other Elise PhillipsHannah Borgerson open
Hillel Join Club Jewish Student Organization Cultural Gabriel Levine open
History Club Join Club Other Justin Loye open
Hiveminders Join Club Occupational Mariah Seller open
Hiveminders Join Club Other Mariah Seller open
Ice Hockey Join Club Sports Michael R Pistilli open
International Club Cultural open
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Join Club Other Lindsey Roberts open
Investment Club Join Club Occupational Christopher Bueno open
J Street U Join Club Arts Morey Lipsett open
Jazz Club Join Club Arts Andrew Izzo open
Ka Ohana me ke Aloha Join Club Cultural Amber Odo Bailey Honda open
Ka Ohana me ke Aloha Hui-O-Hawaii Join Club Arts Austin Chikamoto open
Kayak Club Join Club Sports J.T. Hartman open
Kids 4 Music- UPDATE LATER Join Club Arts Allison Shapiro open
KUPS Join Club Media Graeme Bainbridge open
KUPS 90.1 FM The Sound Join Club Media Drew Abelson open
La Sobremesa Spanish Club- UPDATE Join Club Cultural Curran Chapman open
Lacrosse Mens Join Club Sports Mark Officer open
Latinos Unidos Join Club Cultural Mauricio Mendez & Maya-Fletes Martinez open
Lectures Join Club Programmer Kaitlyn Vallance open
Lighthouse Join Club Other Amelia Boyer open
Lighthouse- CHANGE LATER Join Club Other Amelia Boyer open
Live Well Club Join Club Arts Anna GrafHeather Rose Stegman open
Logger Pep Band Join Club Arts Michael Cook open
Mad Mudders Ceramic Club Join Club Arts Brock Bigalke open
Magic and Boardgames Join Club Other Robert Shelton open
Mathematics Club Join Club Mathematics club gives students an opportunity to engage in interesting and fun mathematics outside of the classroom. Departmental Conor Muldoon open
Men of Color Join Club Cultural Austin Colburn open
Men’s LAX Join Club Sports Mark Officer open
Minnesota Club Cultural open
Model UN Join Club Political Kevin White open
Model United Nations Join Club Departmental Kevin White open
Mortar Board Join Club Other Samatha Burch open
Muslim Student Association Arts open
NAMI Join Club Other Nathan Baniqued open
National Alliance on Mental Illness Join Club Other Nathan BeniquedAnna Goebel open
Needlecrafts for Charity Join Club Arts Maloy MooreErin Stewart open
Nerdfighters Club Join Club Other Sara Rockow open
Northwest Sounds Join Club Programmer Aidan Regan open
Ocean Intellect Join Club Other Sonya Malamut open
PAEYA -Political Activism and Education for Youth in America Join Club Arts Jonah Kone open
Peer Allies Join Club Arts Emily Katz open
Peer Allies of Puget Sound- CHANGE SOON Join Club Arts Emily Katz open
Performing Arts Join Club Programmer Luke Lewis open
Phi Eta Sigma Join Club Other Amelia Green open
Photo Services Join Club Arts Emma Ferguson open
Photo Services Join Club Arts Gabriel Newman open
Photographers of Puget Sound Join Club Arts Bret Abel Jacob Pogorek open
Physics Club Join Club Departmental Alexander Kaufman open
Pianist Guild Join Club Arts Ella Tschebotarjew open
Popular Entertainment Join Club Arts Bella Faith open
Pre-Health Club Join Club Other Emma Goldblatt & Ryan Apathy open
Pre-Law Society Join Club Political Matthew Bell open
Pre-Vet Join Club Arts Alexa Himona open
Puget Sound Belly Dance Join Club Arts Caroline Blackbrun open
Puget Sound Investment Club Join Club Other Ivor Zalud open
Puget Sound Pep Band Join Club Arts Michael Cook open
Puzzle and Chess Club Join Club Other Matthew Dickman open
Queer Alliance Join Club Arts Mary D AquiningocHadley Jhanson open
Queer Alliance- CHANGE LATER Join Club Political Mary AquiningocHadley Johnson open
RDG Repertory Dance Group Arts open
Relay for Life Join Club Other Mckinley NevinsNikole Shaham open
Repertory Dance Group Join Club Arts Morgan Eddolls open
Rugby Mens Join Club Sports Jason Spinetti open
Rugby Womens Join Club Sports Margot Brose open
S.U.P.E.R Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights Arts open
Sailing Team Join Club Sports Arthur Jenkins open
SASA - Students Against Sexual Assault Join Club Arts Carly Dryden open
Seibukan Jujutsu Join Club Sports Katie Best open
Sigma Alpha Iota Join Club Other Sarah Brauner open
Skate Shop open
Slack, Clack, and Hacky Sack Club Arts open
SOAN Club Arts open
Soccer Club Join Club Sports Ian Thorne Abby Ward open
Songwriting Club Join Club Arts Emily Laliotis open
SOTA - Student Occupational Therapy Association Join Club Departmental Megan JohnKelly Souza open
Special Events Join Club Arts Allison Sharpiro open
SPOON University Join Club Arts Elena Hollemon open
Spoon University Join Club Arts Elena Hollemon open
Student Alliance for Prison Reform Join Club SAPR is a national student-led organization that works on campuses to mobilize students against mass incarceration. Other Nicolas Rothbacher open
Student Alliance/Satyagraha Join Club Other Rachel Schroder open
Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA)-CHANGE LATER Join Club Political Carly Dryden open
Super Smash Bros. Club Join Club Arts Hunter Loftus open
SWAP Spoken Word and Poetry Join Club Media Heather Rose Stegman open
Table Top Gaming open
Taiko Club Join Club Arts Lorraine Toler open
The Damned Apocalypse Join Club Other Jacqueline Harro open
The Gaming Society - D20 Join Club Other Conor Sullivan open
The History Club Join Club Departmental Rachel E Nelson open
The Puget Sound Podcast - UPDATE LATER Join Club Media Alexander Harris open
The Timbermen Join Club Musical Alex Luque open
The Trail Join Club Media Casey O'Brien Madeline Brooks open
The Trail Join Club Media Casey O'Brien open
Ubiquitous They Improv Join Club Arts Michelle Bank open
Ultimate Frisbee Womens Join Club Sports Abigal (Abby) Mayo open
Ultimate Frisbee Mens Join Club Sports Lucas Crowley open
Underground Sound open
Underground Sound - UPDATE LATER Join Club Arts Anand Landon open
United Methodists Join Club Arts Kristina Sinks open
UPS Climbing Club Join Club Promoting community among climbers on campus, introducing new people to the sport, and providing a framework for competition and training. Sports Lucca Monnie open
UPS Climbing Club open
VOX Voices for Planned Parenthood Join Club Vox is committed to supporting Planned Parenthood and reproductive justice for all communities. Political Kate Gladhart-Hayes open
Wetlands Join Club Arts Natalie Scoggins open
Wetlands Join Club Media Madyson Frank open
What She Said Join Club Arts Leah Kelly open
What She Said Join Club Arts Hannah Katz open
What She Said A Capella Join Club Arts Hannah Katz open
WIXEN Join Club Arts Emily Hearst open
Women’s Ultimate Frisbee (Clearcut) Join Club Sports Abby MayoMikel Heilicher open
Writer’s Guild Join Club Arts Rebekah Sherman open
Writers Guild Join Club Arts Rebekah Sherman open
Yoga Club Join Club Arts Elayna Caron open
Yoga Club Join Club Arts Elayna Caron open
[ACTIVE] SOTA Student Occupational Therapy Association Join Club Arts Megan John Kelly Souza open
[ACTIVE} Students for Physical Therapy Join Club Occupational Nora Greeley-Hickey& Kaitlyn Johnstone open