Club Name
ACM - Association for Computer Machinery Join Club Engages in computer related projects such as creating video games Departmental Woo Jung open
Adelphian Concert Choir Join Club Founded in 1932, the Adelphian Concert Choir is one of the signature groups of the university and is recognized as one of the Northwest’s most acclaimed ensembles. For more than 70 years this auditioned choir has sustained a level of choral excellence that Musical Sofia Gotch open
ADV - Advocates for Detained Voices Join Club To advocate for the rights of the detainees of the Northwest Detention Center Activism/Awareness Erin Lungwitz open
Alpine Ski Club Join Club Club Sport James Hammond open
American Medical Women’s Assoc. at UPS Join Club Occupational Kelby Hunt open
Anime Club Join Club Anime Club will give students a change to share their interests in Japanese and American anime, meet new people, and just hang out. Arts Clay Lewis open
APIC - Asian American Pacific Islander Collective Join Club We seek to engage the community on issues of race, culture, immigration, and intersectionality as it applies to South, South East, East Asian and Pacific Islander students. Identity Mary Aquiningoc open
ASC - Asian Student Community Join Club Cultural Stacey Yee open
Bare Bones Theater Collective Join Club Provide opportunity for students from all disciplines on campus to be involved in theatre in STP organized festivals or through support of independent student theatre projects. Arts Castor Kent open
Beta Coders Join Club Academic club that provides tutoring and teaching of computer science at local high schools. Departmental Kendall Aresu open
Bioethics Club Join Club Bioethics analyzes the complex relationships between modern day biomedical advances and the four bioethical principles to privide a framework for evaluating the moral permissibility of biomedical research. Activism/Awareness Cat Hunter Shank open
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Join Club This club hopes to give a chance to learn a practical self-defense, a competition martial art, and gain a new option for physical exercise. Club Sport Arlo Johnson open
BSU - Black Student Union Join Club Provides a more cohesive and culturally understanding environment for students of color. BSU also brings culturally diverse programs and lectures to UPS. Identity Nia Henderson open
Campus Cursive Join Club Arts Vrindi Van Osdol open
CIA - Compassion into Action Join Club Purpose is to reduce suffering of animals, humans and the environment through active awareness, education, and learning. Activism/Awareness Mina Gherman open
Clay Club Join Club Clay Club shall promote fun, freedom, and art through the medium of clay. Arts Kristen Lee open
Climbing Club Join Club Promoting community among climbers on campus, introducing new people to the sport, and providing a framework for competition and training. Club Sport Gabriel McHugh open
Club Soccer Join Club Club Sport Ian Thorne & Abby Ward open
Curtain Call Join Club Arts Sabrina Close open
CWMEA - College WA Music Education Association Join Club CWMEA represents all those on campus who have an interest in music education. The club hosts weekly guest lectures on topics in music performance, history, and pedagogy with the aim of furthering the knowledge of our members. Occupational Jordan Goldstein open
DownBeat Dance Join Club Arts Taylor Russell open
ECO Join Club Activism/Awareness Erin Rasmussen open
Engage - A Social Justice Zine Join Club Social Justice zine to provide a platform where members of the UPS community can speak on their existence and be heard, while also addressing current political climate and looking at the broader picture. Activism/Awareness Larissa Lief & Abigail Foy open
Entrepreneur Club Join Club Occupational Kala'i Beck open
Exercise Science Join Club Exercise Science will educate exercise science majors and other members of the campus about career opportunities after graduation and to involve the club in community events and service opportunities. Other Rachel Gillespie open
Fairvote Washington Join Club Fairvote is a non-partisan club focused on voting reform with the goal of making the political system more democratic. This club is partnered with the community and FairVote Washington. Political Hollie Bray open
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Join Club FCA will provide a discussion group for athletes of any sport (varsity, club, or intramural) to better represent Christian values while competing on the field as well as making a difference in the Tacoma community. Other Alvin Johnson open
Fencing Club Join Club The Fencing Club seeks to provide education and entertainment to novice and veteran fencers. We push for the development and learning of skills in an enjoyable atmosphere. Service Alexis Foldvary open
Figure Drawing Club Join Club Figure Drawing Club serves to facilitate artistic exploration outside of the classroom in a positive, safe, and encouraging environment. This is not a class and will not be led by an instructor; rather, it will be student facilitated. Arts Elayna Caron open
Film and Media Join Club Provides students with the opportunity to gain experience and further their interest in film and video production. The club is an outlet to learn more about the dynamics of media: writing, producing, editing, directing, acting. Media Jake Webb open
Forestry Club Join Club The Forestry Club focuses on education about sustainability, forestry, and the history of the logging industry, particularly in the Puget Sound area. The club serves as a Woodsman team, participating in competitions. Occupational Blaise Johnson-Stevens open
Gaming Society - D20 Join Club Gaming Society aims to provide the University of Puget Sound with a visible and accessible community that encourages gaming and nerd culture. Other Landon Smith open
Garden Club Join Club Other Emma Sevier open
Garden Level Join Club Arts Aidan Glaze open
Geology Club Join Club The Geology Club provides a social and academic gathering for any students interested in the field of geology. It offers social events, field trips, research endeavors, and other activities, all to provide enrichment to its members and the community. Departmental Amanda Foster open
Global Brigades Public Health Join Club Global Brigades will give students who are interested in business and finance an opportunity to be exposed to sustainable community development in an international context. Service Natasha Urban open
Habitat for Humanity Join Club Habitat for Humanity seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Service Erin R Stewart & Leo Rain open
History Club Join Club Departmental Justin Loye open
Hiveminders Join Club Hiveminders will gather individuals who are interested in cultivating and harvesting beehives for UPS as well as those interested in promoting local and sustainable pollination and honey production. Activism/Awareness Lucina Strandjord open
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Join Club IVCF's purpose is to establish and advance at UPS witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord; growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture and God's purposes in the world. Other Erin Budrow open
J Street U Join Club J Street U advocates and educates for a two-state solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict in the American Jewish community, American political establishment, and our campus community as well, for progressive and democratic values in Israel and the US. Cultural Morey Lipsett open
Jewish Student Union Join Club JSU seeks to provide an inclusive and safe space to all Jewish identities and allies. Cultural Allison Shapiro open
Ka Ohana me ke Aloha Join Club Identity Amber Odo open
Kayak Club Join Club The Kayak Club serves to give the campus community the opportunity to learn essential kayaking skills in a safe controlled environment, while emphasizing fun, team building, trust, self-confidence, and community. Other JT Hartman open
Kids 4 Music Join Club Kids 4 Music is a free band program for underprivileged students at McCarver Elementary in Tacoma. The program meets once a week for an hour and is designed to give students a knowledge of music theory, and instill a lifelong love of music. Service Allison Shapiro open
La Sobremesa Join Club Spanish Club Other Sandra Brandon open
Latinos Unidos Join Club Cultural Soli Loya-Lara open
League of Legends Join Club Arts Michael Fukuda open
Lighthouse Join Club A non-denominational Christian club on campus. Includes worships, discussions, and service trips. Identity Amelia Boyer open
Live Well Club Join Club Live Well Club emphasizes three pillars: nutrition, exercise, and peace of mind. We believe equal attention to these three pillars will set students up for personal success. Other Anna Graf open
Logger Lectures Join Club Student-led lectures will empower students in their passions and enable students to talk about what excites them, providing them a platform to be heard. Arts Matthew Parone open
Magic and Boardgames Join Club The Magic Club meets for the purpose of playing Magic: The Gathering. Other Enzo Agnoli open
Mathematics Club Join Club Mathematics club gives students an opportunity to engage in interesting and fun mathematics outside of the classroom. Departmental Quintin Lenti open
Men’s LAX Join Club Club Sport Mark Officer open
MixxedFit Club Join Club A people-inspired fitness program that incorporates explosive dancing and boot camp toning. The purpose is to give others an effective workout while having fun. Other Shar Panage open
Model UN Join Club Model UN is for students who are interested in global politics, international diplomacy, the UN organizations, and who are committed to exploring global challenges in an experiential setting. Service Kevin White open
Mortar Board Join Club Mortar Board, Inc., is an honor society of individuals selected for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership, and service. Service Eada Gendelman open
Muslim Student Association Join Club The Muslim Student Assoc will provide a resource for Muslim students as well as an open environment for those who are interested in Island. Religious and spiritual topics will be discussed, and Islamic educational events will also be hosted. Cultural Layth Sabbagh open
NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness Join Club NAMI advocates for access to services, treatments, supports and research and is steadfast in its commitment to raising awareness and building a community of hope for all those in need. Activism/Awareness Nina Kranzdorf open
Needlecrafts for Charity Join Club Needlecrafts for Charity will form a collaborative campus sewing community where students, staff, faculty, and community members can learn about various needle crafts and sustainability while contributing hand-made craft items to local charities. Service Maloy Moore open
Nerdfighters Club Join Club Nerdfighter Club is a place that allows students to create a bitter community through reading, creative writing, community service, and recreational activities associated with the Nerdfighter community originally established by the vlogbrothers. Service Sara Rockow open
Neuroscience Club Join Club The Neuroscience Club will bring together the interdisciplinary focus and aspects of neuroscience on the UPS campus and seeks to supplement students' interests. Other Lauren Gallison & Martina Worden open
PAEYA -Political Activism and Education for Youth in America Join Club The purpose of this organization is to create a positive space for political discourse in order to bring about political unity. In light of the recent divisive election, te group shall aim to engage and mobilize students through the following years. Political Jonah Kone open
Peer Allies Join Club A safe space for survivors of sexual assault and harassment. We seek to support students who have felt powerless, by listening, and empowering them to make informed choices. Departmental Brea Kaye open
People’s Republic of Art Join Club Dedicated to making art accessible to UPS students, through a free-and non-judgmental creative space. Arts Janelle Sopko open
Phi Eta Sigma Join Club PES' goal is to encourage and reward academic excellence among first-year students in institutions of higher learning, and provide opportunities for service to the campus and communities Service Kristina Howell open
Photographers of Puget Sound Join Club We are a group of students with a common interest in photography who want to improve our skills, try new things, and share our artistic interests. Arts Bret Abel Jacob Pogorek open
Physics Club Join Club Departmental Elon Tyacke open
Pianists Guild Musical open
POLITEIA - The Political Theory Workshop at Puget Sound Join Club Politeia will provide students with an opportunity to have critical interdisciplinary dialogues in political and critical theory outside of a class setting and to workshop on original compositions for political theory work outside of class assignments. Activism/Awareness Kathryn Queirolo open
Pre Health Club Join Club Pre-Health Professions Club Occupational Elena Fulton open
Pre-Law Society Join Club Pre-Law Society is a club that meets once a week to discuss things in the law field, like case files, the LSAT, Law Schools, and more. The club also hosts events like Lawyer Q&A panels, the annual Law Fair, and occasional visits to law schools in the area. Occupational Matthew Bell & Monica Arnone open
Puget Sound Belly Dance Join Club Other Umika Mashru open
Puget Sound Investment Club Join Club Occupational Connor Barfield open
Puget Sound It’s On Us Join Club A coalition of students who wish to change the culture of sexual assault on campus through educating their peers, connecting survivors with resources, and increasing awareness. Activism/Awareness Carly Dryden open
Puget Sound Pep Band Join Club Musical Maya Sealander open
Puget Sound Podcast Arts open
Puzzle and Chess Club Other open
Queer Alliance Join Club Queer Alliance is a supportive community of queer and ally students, affirms all sexual orientations and identities. We work through social, political, and educational activism for equality for all sexual minorities. Identity Mary D Aquiningoc & Hadley Jhanson open
RDG - Repertory Dance Group Join Club RDG seeks to provide members of the Puget Sound community exposure to dance in all its forms. Arts Julia BeasleyEvan Hamilton open
REAL - Real Expression Art Lounge To create a healthy, energy-filled environment for students and other persons to express themselves through art. Arts Mushawn Knowles open
Relay for Life Join Club Service Nikole Shaham open
Rugby Mens Join Club A club meant for men of all skill levels to play rugby Club Sport Jason Spinetti open
Rugby Women’s Join Club Club Sport Kate Gladhart-Hayes open
SAFRR - Student Association for Reproductive Rights Join Club Activism/Awareness Abby Rawson open
Sailing Club Other open
SAPR - Student Alliance for Prison Reform SAPR supports initiatives to bring about change in the US criminal justice system. Activism/Awareness open
SARPI - Student Association for Race and Pedagogy Join Club A safe and fun Discussion/conversation space to address problems of race and pedagogy. Activism/Awareness Kaitlyn Calhoun open
Seibukan Jujutsu Club Join Club Seibukan Jujutsu Club will practice and continue the transmission of Seibukan Jujutsu, Martial Arts, and self-defence from Tenchikan Dojo and from the founder of the art. Other Taylor Ogren open
Slack, Clack, and Hacky Sack - Slackline, Kendama, and Hacky Sack Club Join Club Slack, Klack, and Hacky Sack will bring joy and connect student communities of UPS by combining the skill developing activities of slacklining, kendama, and hacky sack into one club. Other Justin Wesley Wagers open
SOAN Club SOAN Club promotes the disciplines of sociology and anthropology amongst the UPS student body and enriches the academic experience of SOAN majors and minors. Departmental open
Songwriting Club Join Club The goal is to provide a space for songwriters on campus to share their work, get support and feedback from other songwriters, and organize concerts/showcases for public viewing. Arts Emily Laliotis open
SOTA - Student Occupational Therapy Association Join Club Increases campus and community awareness of the occupational therapy profession and engage with the community through volunteer work. Departmental Cate Hannan & Mikayla Wrolstad open
Spoon University Join Club Purpose is to provide an online food resource for members of our campus and food-enthusiasts across the country while also teaching the next generation of journalists, marketers and event planners practices in digital media. Media Elena Hollemon open
Students for Physical Therapy Join Club Departmental Laura Shellooe & Scott Shelton open
Super Smash Bros. Club Join Club Super Smash Bros. seeks to create a competitive and casual community of UPS students who play Super Smash Bros. We will host practices and friendlies along with tournaments to instill competition in a fun and rewarding manner. Other Hunter Loftus open
SWAP - Spoken Word and Poetry Join Club SWAP seeks to spread and encourage the use of poetic dialogues as a medium to express oneself in an open, respectful manner. Cultural Asha Berkes open
Table Top Board Games Join Club Other Adam Braude open
Taiko Club Join Club Arts Lorraine Toler open
The Gaming Society - D20 Join Club to provide UPS with a visible and accessible community that encourages gaming and nerd culture Other Conor Sullivan open
The Puget Sound Podcast Join Club Media Alexander Harris open
Timbermen Join Club Timbermen is a four-member male vocal ensemble formed with the intention of bringing a different variety of a cappella music to UPS. Musical Alex Luque open
TOPS - Tea-ple of Puget Sound Join Club TOPS is dedicated to educating its members about the history and art of tea! Our goal is to try new tea every meeting and compare tasting notes whilst enjoying good conversation. We will discuss different brewing techniques as well as how these teas came t Cultural Pierce Harken open
Tree Tones A Cappella Join Club TreeTones aims to provide an inclusive space on campus for vocalists of all levels to participate in a cappella, while developing as musicians and a cappella artists in a low-stress environment. Musical Kristin Goodell open
Ultimate Frisbee, Men’s (The Postmen) Join Club Ultimate brings knowledge of frisbee to all. Quality level play for all levels of experience. Club Sport Lucas Crowley open
Underground Sound Join Club Musical Sara Gossom open
United Methodists Join Club Service Kristina Sinks open
UPS Fencing Club Join Club A platform for new fencers to try and learn about fencing and gives experienced fencers a place to improve. Club Sport Alexis Foldvary & Suzanna Li open
UPS Students for FEPPS Fepps is a student group that works with the nonprofit Freedom Education Project Puget Sound (FEPPS). Service Sloan Strader open
UWE - Undergraduate Women in Economics Join Club UWE increases visibility of women pursuing economics degrees, provides networking opportunities that promote the advancement of women in economic professions and creates a forum in which research and issues of common interest can be explored. Service Ellen Knowles open
Visible Spectrum Join Club The mission of Visible Spectrum is to provide an inclusive environment for students of color who are in the STEM field. Identity Simone Moore open
WACM - Women’s Association of Computing Machinery Join Club An organization that welcomes anyone interested in creating a community that supports women in the tech industry. Our goal is to both teach and hone tech skills, provide a space where students can engage with local women in tech, as well as supporting all. Occupational Ayse Hunt & Kayla Ramos open
What She Said A Capella Join Club The mission of What She Said is to manage, serve, and promote a Capella music on campus. Musical Hannah Katz open
WIP Women in Politics Join Club Politics and government are disciplines that accommodate men, and we attempt to change this. Political Ilana Dutton open
Women’s Ultimate Frisbee (Clearcut) Join Club Women's Ultimate is a place where women of all skill levels can come and play frisbee and experience the frisbee community. Club Sport Abigail Bidegain & McKenna Milton open
Writer’s Guild Join Club Bring your prose, poetry, and other drafts to Writer's Guild. During weekly hour-long meetings we write, laugh, and share our work with one another. Come for the prompts, the metaphors, or just to have a romp on the literary wild side. Cultural Yuki Morgan & Malik Berry open
Yoga Join Club Other Elayna Caron open