The programmers are tasked with putting on events around campus that enrich the student experience, be they educational lectures or fine arts, in a way that is accessible and affordable to students. The events also serve as a space for the Tacoma community to gather in a learning community with the University and for points of intersection between students and community members. Each programmer has specific genres of programming they are responsible for, but they often collaborate with eachother and with other campus organizations.

If you’re interested in collaborating with ASUPS on a program, please get in touch with one of the folks below.

ASUPS Programmers

Naomi Schroeter

Cultural Competency

Julia Lin

Cultural Competency

Neha Ketkar

Special Events

Hailey Hyde

Popular Entertainment

Kaitlyn Vallance


Ian Chandler

Campus Films

Aidan Regan

Northwest Sounds

Luke Lewis

Performing Arts