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ASUPS is guided by a number of principles. We seek to use these principles to hold our feet to the fire, and ensure we achieve our highest organizational potential to ensure the optimal wellbeing of our student body.



ASUPS recognizes that in order to best serve our student body, students will need different levels of support and advocacy in order to achieve their highest potential. ASUPS also recognizes that in seeking to address historical and present inequities and oppressions, we must center those who experience oppression. We will commit to eliminating barriers to access and that is radically inclusive of minoritized people.


ASUPS commits itself to provide all of our materials in a way that is accessible and to all and commits itself to ensuring all ASUPS sponsored events are as accessible as feasibly possible. We will continue to advocate for the needs of people with disabilities and to ensure that all of our facilities and programming is universally accessible, inclusive, and exceeds the base expectations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.




Through our accessible lense, ASUPS commits itself to making sure the student body has access to information about ASUPS and resources is has, as well as information about the inner workings of ASUPS. We’re envisioning strong communication as well as a strong executive presence.




ASUPS seeks to center people of minoritized identities, including, but not limited to: women, people of color, people who are queer, people who are trans, people who are non-binary, immigrants, people with disabilities, people with mental illness, socio-economically disadvantaged people. ASUPS recognizes that these oppressions are intersectionally linked to one another and any work to address any one of them must be an intersectional practice. We reaffirm that the oppression of one of us prevents all of us from enjoying our fullest potential.



We must continue to build mutual understanding and compassion in our pursuit of dismantling systemic oppression. That being said, ASUPS recognizes that we must be full and intentional members of our community in Tacoma. We commit ourselves to solidarity with the city, and a mutual learning and collaboration with the city we reiside in.



Your Voice

We want to hear student concerns, questions, and suggestions. This entails creating monthly town hall meetings and being easily accessible to the rest of our student body. Email and .







*Images courtesy of Sophia Munic*