The ASUPS Senate is the legislative body that establishes and reviews all policies, affairs, and activities of ASUPS. It is in charge of finalizing the use of your ASUPS funds.In addition, the ASUPS Senate confirms all appointments made by the Executive branch as well as recognizes student clubs as official ASUPS clubs. Finally, the Senate has the ultimate power to amend the ASUPS budget, Constitution and By-laws.

Who are the senators

Katie Handick

Senate Chair & Senator at Large


Media Board

Charlie Bjork

Senator at Large


Student Concerns

Daniel Post

Senator at Large


Student Concerns, Union Board

Jordan Taylor

Sophomore Senator



Zane Molgaard

Senior Senator


Senior Gift

Morey Lipsett

On-Campus House Senator



Samantha Inouye

Greek House Senator


Dr. Gerard Morrid

Faculty Representative


Asst. Dean Sarah Comstock

Dean of Students Representative


Rachel Tanoue

Senate Secretary


Shirley Skeel, Anna Coy

Staff Senate Representative


Sarah Walling-Bell

Senator at Large


Jack Aldisert

Junior Senator


Nic Rothbacher

Off Campus House Senator


There are twelve senator positions. Freshman Senator, Sophomore Senator, Junior Senator, Senior Senator, Greek Senator, Residence Hall Senator, Off-Campus Senator, Residence House Senator, and four Senators at Large. Senators are elected in either October or March, depending on the position, and will complete a senate project(s) during their term. Each term will last an entire year, with the exception of the Freshman Senator which will last half a year and the Senior Senator which will last a year and a half.

Senate meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm in the Murray Boardroom. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!


Food, Health, and Safety: 

Serves as a forum for discussing views and concerns of the student body that are pertinent to Dining and Conference Services,  Security Services and the Center for Health and Wellness Services. The committee forwards concerns put forth by the student body and proposes objectives to best serve the Puget Sound community. Come if you want snacks!

Members: Todd Badham (Director of Security), Donn Marshall (Director of CHWS and Associate Dean of Students), Terry Halvorson (Director of Dining Services), Brian Sullivan (Executive Chef), Phillip Wells (Assistant Director of Catering and Cafes), Madyson Frank (Chair, Senator), Rachel Greiner (Senator), Megan Schowalter (Student at Large), Jenna Mobley (ASUPS Vice President), Julia Lin (ASUPS Director of Student Interests).

Meets every other Tuesdays from 4-5 PM, beginning February 14 in Upper Marshall Hall.

Finance Committee: 

Is in charge of reviewing all finance requests submitted by students, faculty and staff to seek financial assistance for programming and events. 

Members: Sam Inouye (Senator), Justin Loye (Senator), Doug Palmer (Student at Large), Mauricio Mendez (Student at Large)

Finance committee meets once a week, every Monday at 9 pm.

Union Board: 

Regulates the operations and functions of all entities, departments and organizations housed in the Student Union Building. Union Board meets once a month.

Members: Andrea Brown (Student at Large), Lydia Bauer (ASUPS Vice President), Barbara Racince (Bookstore Director), Bob Kief (​Associate​ Vice President for Facilities), Daniel Post (Senator, Chair), Greg Shipman (Student at Large), Jenna Mobley ( Student at Large), John Hickey (Executive Director of Community Engagement & Associate Vice President for Business Services), Ken Aviananda (Student at Large), Drew Ableton (Media Head), Sarah Comstock (Sarah Associate Dean of Students Director of Student Union & Programs​), Serni Solidarios (Director of Student Programs), Terry Halvorson (Director of Dining Services).

Meets Tuesdays at 9 PM: Feb 23, Mar 9, Mar 23, April 6, April 20.

Media Board:

Members: Kyle Chong (Senator, Chair), Stirling Larson (Student at Large)

Meets Thursdays at 6 PM

Awards and Scholarship: 

Meets during the Spring semester and is responsible for gathering nominations and selecting recipients for various ASUPS and other awards and scholarships. They will award these outstanding participatory students, faculty and staff, according to the selection processes of each scholarship or award. Awards are given each Spring at the University Leadership Awards Ceremony.

Senators: Katie Handick (Chair)

Student Concerns: 

Is responsible for evaluating the needs, problems and concerns of the campus. It serves to do outreach to collect student concerns, advise senators working on senate projects, and generate new projects for the Director of Student Interest or senators to work on. Student Concerns meets once a week.

Senators: Charlie Bjork (Chair), Dan Post​

Meets every other Thursday from 5-6 PM, starting February 23rd.

Governance Committee: 

Serves as a first level evaluator of ASUPS documents and policy and procedure, while ensuring consistency, accuracy and legality. Governance Committee also meets to evaluate and review the ASUPS Constitution, By-Laws and any other ancillary documents and present recommendations to Senate. Governance Committee meets as determined by the Chair.

Senators: Kaitlyn Vallance (Senator,Chair), Murey Lipsett (Senator), Charlie Bjork (Senator), Noah Lumbantobing (President), Rachel Schroeder (Senator), Eileen Mapes-Riordan (Student at Large), Jordan Taylor (Senator), Charlie Bjork (Senator)​

Meets at 5-6 PM on Wednesday.

Election Committee: 

Organizes and coordinates all ASUPS elections in accordance with the Constitution, By-Laws and Senate. They enforce campaign guidelines and regulations to ensure fair and just elections. Election Committee meets as determined by the Chair.

Members: Kaitlin Cochran (Senator), Morey Lipsett​ (Senator), Jack Aldisert (Student at Large), Sarah Ciambrone (Student at Large), Liana Hamby(Student at Large)

Meets when needed

Budget Committee: 

Is responsible for evaluating budget requests of all ASUPS Clubs, Medias and Programmers, and balancing the budget in a fair and equitable manner. Budget Committee meets in April of every year before presenting the final budget to the ASUPS Senate.

Members: Henry Woody (Senator), Kaitlin Cochran (Senator), Collin Noble (​Student at Large)

Meets when needed