Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound



Club Name Category President

Association for Computing Machinery ACM

Other Billy Rathje

Alpine Ski Club

Sports Catherine Goldes

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

Occupational Becca Long

Amnesty International

Political Kat Leitzman

Anime Club

Arts Tori Vaz

Apple Club

Occupational Kramer Canfield

Asian and Pacific American Student Union

Cultural Megan Takasaki;makenzie Fong

Black Student Union

Cultural Nakisha Jones

Bluesion Dance Crew

Arts Galen King

Campus Cursive

Other Ada Smith

Campus Films

Programmer Edward Jones

Campus Music Network

Programmer Meg C Van Brocklin

Challah for Hunger

Other Mark Gilbert


Cultural Max Estevao

Christian Fellowship

Other Lauren Lee; Shelby Willis

Climb Team (The Senders)

Other Nick Navarro co-president


Media Emma Wilson

Cultural Events

Programmer Sophia R el-Wakil

Curtain Call

Other Emily Doyle

Dental Club

Occupational Madeline Harris


Media Kira Thurman

Entreprenuer Club

Occupational Matt Matysik

Equestrian Team

Sports Megan D'Andrea

Exercise Science Club

Occupational Dani Mrozek

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Other Steven Wagar

Fencing Association

Sports Alix Bruce

Puget Sound Peer Allies

Other Bianca Jarvis

Futbol Club Mens

Sports Alex Durante

Futbol Club Womens

Sports Melissa Pellman

Comics Club/UPS

Arts Krista Silva

Garden Club

Other Elissa Gibb

Garden Level

Musical Michael Stahl

Geology Club

Other Halle Peterson

Super Smash Bros. Club

Other Greg Roche

Cycling Club

Sports Graham Robinson

Got Word (Get Out the Word)

Other Eunice Lee

Habitat for Humanity

Other Mike Eckel


Cultural Alissa Charvonia


Other Kyle Kolisch


Sports Andrew Graham

Hui O Hawaii

Cultural Shane Kiyota

International Club

Cultural Zoe Scott

J Street U

Political Lindsey Conrad

Kayak Club

Other Carson Lyness

KUPS 90.1 FM The Sound

Media Chloe Ginnegar

Lacrosse Mens

Sports Aidan McDonald


Programmer Arda Bulak


Other Louisa Raitt

Live Well Club

Other Alex Durante

Logger Longboarding/Skate Shop

Other Ben Stone

Logger Pep Band

Musical Emily Brown

Math Club

Other Jinshi Yi

Minnesota Club

Cultural Katie Singsank

Model United Nations

Political Connie Trettin

Mortar Board

Other Louisa Raitt

Muslim Student Association

Other Irema Halilovic

Needlecrafts for Charity

Other Tori Vaz

Nerdfighter Club

Other Naomi Hill

Northwest Sounds

Programmer Lauren M Lee

Ocean Intellect

Other Nick Cochran

Phi Eta Sigma

Other Heidi Henderson

Photo Services

Media Laura Saltzer

Physics Club

Other Ben Bow

Popular Entertainment

Programmer Hailey L hyde

Pre-Law Society

Occupational Carolea Casas

Q&A Queer Alliance

Other Max Estevao

RDG Repertory Dance Group

Arts Jo ann Kassebaum

Relay for Life

Other Julia Pascoe; Rachel Bowdle

Rugby Mens

Sports Max Thompson

Rugby Womens

Sports Emma Spalding

SOTA Student Occupational Therapy Association

Occupational Lauren Brown; Amy Kaestner

Youth Ending Slavery

Political Allison Narson

Sailing Team

Sports Wes Service

Special Events

Programmer TBD

Student Alliance/Satyagraha

Other Rachel Schroder


Other John Lampus

Bare Bones - Student Initiative Theatre

Other Shelby C. Isham

Students for Liberty/Libertarians

Other Greg Reeser

Students for Physical Therapy

Occupational Courtney Johnson


Media Marissa Croft

The Trail

Media Taylor Applegate


Other Emily Gogas

Ultimate Frisbee Mens

Sports Alan Henzy

Ultimate Frisbee Womens

Sports Samantha Jones


Other Rebecca Brazell

Underground Sound

Musical Kaylene Barber

Investment Club

Occupational Sang-Won Kim

Volleyball Club

Sports Jenna Kersting


Sports Nicolette

Water Polo Club

Sports Matt Goldberg


Cultural C. J. Queirolo

What She Said

Musical Jennifer Mayer


Other Elaine Stamp

Writers Guild

Other Jonathan Yee


Arts Emily Smaldone

Sigma Alpha lota

Sports Emily Doyle

Mad Mudders (Ceramics Club)

Arts Illeana Alexander

The Timbermen

Musical John Lampus

Quidditch Team

Sports Kaitlyn Vallance

Global Brigades

Other Amy Knutson


Other Adrian Kljucec

Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX)

Other Maggy Di Costanzo

Kids 4 Music

Musical Akela Franklin Baker/Abby Robbins

Jazz Club

Musical Ryan T Grate

Magic & Boardgames

Arts Nathan Wang


Occupational Hannah Timpe

Pianist's Club

Other Jinahil Yi

Puget Sound Belly Dance

Occupational Veronica Neshyba-Nara

Skate Shop

Sports Arthur Hogan

Students for a Sustainable Campus

Arts Emily Smaldone
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